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Dressers, Buffets, Cabinets

Dressers, buffets and cabinets for your dining room or kitchen.

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Matilda Timber Buffet
Matilda timber buffet.
Jamaica Chopping Block
Jamaica rustic chopping block with drawers and storage cupboard on wheels.
Jamaica Wine Rack
Jamaica rustic wine rack.
Kakadu Small Bookcase
Kakadu small rustic bookcase with drawers. Large version also available.
Portland Acacia Buffet
Portland brushed acacia timber buffet with metal trim.
Whitehaven kitchen bench
Whitehaven kitchen bench with barstools and chopping board.
Jamaica Solid Timber Kitchen Dresser
The Jamaica solid pine timber kitchen dresser has leadlight doors in the upper cabinets with hutch, draws and cupboards underneith. Polished woodgrain finish...