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Furniture Care

Furniture care and cleaning products. Scratch, mark and nick removal. Leather upholstry care. Suede shampoo and bacterial protection.

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Scratchfix pens
Repair scratches and marks in your timber furniture with these handy scratch fix pens. Five shades available.
Ultimate fabric protection
Ultimate fabric protection 500ml pump spray. Protect your fabric furniture at home.
Ultimate 4 in 1 leather care
Protect your expensive leather lounge suite with  a 500ml 4 in 1 leather cleaner. Cleans, nourishes, conditions and protects. Because leather doesn'...
Ultimate leather cleaner spray
500ml ultimate leather cleaner spray cleans and conditions your leather lounge. Because leather doesn't care for itself
Ultimate leather wipes
Protect your quality leather lounge with these convenient easy to use leather wipes. Because leather doesn't care for itself.
Ultimate mattress deodorizer
Ultimate mattress deodorizer contains the latest odour absorbing technology that binds with and eliminates malodorous componds. Additionally a powerful bioci...